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Pesto Pizza

Yesterday I made my first cheeseless pizza, and it was really good!

I used a pre-made crust and topped it with pesto, tomatoes, baby bella mushrooms, and artichoke hearts.  The pesto was made with endive from my garden, following my usual pesto recipe.

Absolutely delicious!


Last Planting of the Season!

Today I planted:

• Four TOMATO plants: one each of Pineapple, Sweet 100 Cherry, Roma, and Cherokee Purple
• Two mounds of CUCUMBERS: mostly regular pickling cucs, but with a few lemon cucs thrown in
• Three mounds of OKRA
• One mound of ZEPHYR SQUASH
• Three sprouted pieces of SWEET POTATO
• One 5′ row of RADICCHIO: half Verona Dragon and half Treviso
• One 5′ row of baby-sized BOK CHOY
• Two small mounds of GREEN BEANS
• Two small mounds of SCARLET EMPEROR BEANS
• Two small mounds CHINESE YARD-LONG BEANS
• Two small mounds of GIANT SUNFLOWERS
• One big pot of TATSOI plus a little bit of regular-sized BOK CHOY
• Three mounds of GROUND CHERRIES
• One small pot of CILANTRO
• One small pot of CATNIP
• Two small pots of DILL
• Four medium pots of PARSLEY

And that is the last of the planting for this spring. Whew!

First Harvest of the Year

Yesterday I made the first harvest of the year from my garden! To whit, a bunch of baby bok choy:

I sauteed it with some peanut oil, garlic, tamari, and Chinese hot mustard powder, and served it over some udon noodles that had been cooked in vegetable broth:



About four weeks ago I planted ten asparagus crowns in my yard, and now two of them have sprouted!

Number One:

Number Two:

They’re small and fragile (and, admittedly, hard to see in these pictures), but I’m gonna be a good momma and protect them while they’re growing!

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