The Sunflower Bed

Last Sunday I finished my last big gardening project for this year, to wit: a new 4′ x 6′ raised bed in which to grow giant sunflowers and a few other things.  This was a two-morning job.

The first morning I dug up the plot and nailed together the frame for the raised bed:

The second morning I put up a 2′ tall chicken wire fence around the bed, put in a metal clothes rack I am using as a support for the sunflowers, put back the dirt I had dug up the first morning, added 30 lbs. of Omagrow compost:

As you can see, I suck at putting up chicken wire fences.

I planted ten sunflower seeds as soon as I finished putting the bed together, and just four days later I already had some sunflower sprouts showing above ground:

The sunflowers are supposed to grow to be 10 to 12 feet tall.(!!!)   Eventually I’m going to thin out the seeds I planted until there are just two sunflowers, one on each side of the bed.  I’m also going to plant some scarlet runner beans in the bed, and let them grow up the stalks of the sunflowers.  It should be beautiful: two lines of bright red flowers ascending to the sky, topped by two giant yellow sunflower heads.  I hope it works out that way.


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