Leafy Greens A-Growin’

Leafy greens are so satisying to grow! You get such quick results, and leafy greens fresh from the garden – especially lettuce – taste so much better than almost any of them you can buy in a store or, even, a farmers market.

I planted my first batch of leafy greens on March 25th, and here’s what they looked like on April 11th:

And here’s what they looked like three weeks later, on May 2nd:

My initial planting was swiss chard (upper left), dino kale (upper center), red russian and curled kale (upper right), green leaf lettuce (lower left), romaine lettuce (lower center), and butterhead lettuce (lower right). Recently I planted some red leaf lettuce, freckled romain lettuce, and cress in the pots (in the cleared areas in the pots in the front row), some spinach in three little pots that I set in amongst the six big pots (you can only see one of them in the picture), and a row of radicchio over in the ground plot (definitely out of frame!).

And here is a salad a made from my baby greens:

The salad contains homegrown butterhead lettuce, red russian kale, turnip greens, and, er, some store-bought curly endive.

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