The Garden Is Ready for Planting!

About two weeks ago I finished expanding my garden from a 8′ x 30′ plot to a 12′ x 30′ plot. Last Tuesday I finished getting the garden ready for planting, and planted what could be planted this early in the season.

Here is the way the garden looked before the expansion and the preparation:

And here is how it looks now:

Sorry about the shadows in the pictures!

The south end of the garden now has six 3′ x 4′ beds and the north end of it now is set up for growing fifteen different non-row plants.

In the south side of the garden I planted one 4′ row each of salsify, turnips, chioggia beets, golden beets, carrots, and parsnips. Soon I will plant one 4′ row of red potatoes and one 4′ row of russet potatoes.

In the north side of the garden I will be growing zephyr squash, butternut squash, cardoon, okra, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, snow peas, green beans, filet green beans, okra, and tomatoes.

The black stuff is the weed-blocking fabric that I put down on all of the walkway areas so that I will not have to do so much weeding. It will gradually look better as the fabric meshes with the ground and as I dump my grass clippings on top of it.

Here are a few more pictures of the garden:


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