Overwintered Vegetables

Some vegetables that I planted or left in the ground last fall have come back to life.

First, there is my little row of garlic and shallots:

Then there is the parsley:

I just never got around to digging up the parsley last winter, but that’s OK since it turns out that parsley is a biennial plant that is capable of surviving winter and coming back to life in the spring. So I harvested some of the parsley and made a batch of tabouli with it:

Then there is the parsnip I left in the ground to overwinter, which is supposed to result in them becoming sweeter:

And here is the parsnip after I dug it up:

It’s a monster! Fifteen inches long, and three inches wide at the crown!

I also left some carrots in the ground, not knowing if they would survive. They look OK to me:

Now I just have to decide how I want to cook my carrots and my parsnip…

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