Signs of Life in the Garden

A few things are coming to life in my garden!

First, there is some of the garlic that I planted last fall:

This is the purple-tinted garlic that my pal April gave me. I also planted some shallots (that I bought at the Omaha Farmers Market last summer) and a second kind of garlic (the Chilean silverneck garlic that I planted in the fall of 2008 and harvested in the summer of 2009), but they haven’t shown up above ground as of yet.

Here, much to my surprise, is a little bit of green onion, growing from a seed that apparently didn’t germinate last year:

Here are my chives:

Not only are they perennial, they are also seemingly indestructible. I dumped these chives out in the garden last spring, thinking that they were dead, only have them come back to life! So I quickly replanted them in a pot and here they are once again returning from the dead.

This is some parsley that I grew last year and never got around to pulling up before winter arrived:

It looks amazingly good considering it has been buried under a ton of snow for months on end! Not that I’m going to eat any of it.

Here is a view of my ground plot as seen from the south:

The parsley can be seen in the lower left corner. The row of garlic and shallots run along the southern fence, outside of the frame.

Here is a view of the same garden as seen from the east:

The chicken wire cage in the middle is where I have grown sugar snap and snow peas in the past. This year I am planning on growing snow peas, filet green beans, and kentucky wonder pole green beans inside of it.

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