What I Am Planning to Grow This Year

This past month I planned my garden and bought most of my seeds. Here is what I am planning to grow this year, with things I have not grown before marked in red:

Red Onions
Yellow Onions
Red Scallions
Golden Beets
Chioggia Beets
Red Potatoes
Russet Potatoes
Green Beans
Filet Green Beans
Snow Peas
Butternut Squash
Zephyr Squash
Lemon Cucumbers
Pickling Cucumbers
Swiss Chard
Curled Kale
Lacinato Kale
Red Russian Kale
Leaf Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
Butterhead Lettuce
Giant Sunflowers
Scarlet Runner Beans

I like to grow a little bit of a lot of different things. I have 18 containers of varying sizes, and will be growing the leafy greens and the herbs in them. The sunflowers and scarlet beans will be grown on either side of our birdbath, with the scarlet runner beans running up the stalks of the sunflowers. (It will be absolutely beautiful if it works). Everything else will be grown in the ground plot, which is currently 8 feet deep by 30 feet long, and which I am planning on expanding to about 11 feet deep by 30 feet long. The garlic and shallots were already planted last fall.

I can’t wait to get started! Planting I mean. The digging – not so much.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Wow, Julie! I thought that my sister was going nuts with 6 or 8 varieties of tomatoes but you have topped the list. Are you starting them all from seeds indoors or right in the ground – it we ever get spring? Sharon


  2. I've never started seeds indoors. I just plant them in the ground and 90% or more of what I plant grows. I am going to try starting some of the romanesco seeds indoors, and maybe some leafy greens also. Just to see how it goes.


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